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A. Majid Hayati 29-Jan-2024
My Gmail address:
Rees Clark 24-Apr-2021
Forum topics now display typed or pasted URLs. Use cautiously as they cannot yet be edited.
Rees Clark 22-Sep-2016
Added a new article by Gregg Romano.
Robert Kosuth 03-May-2016
I'm retired from ESL teaching and administrative work at the college level both in the US and overseas and would like to stay connected by sharing some writing and ideas about what I have learned.
marlon castro 05-Feb-2015
At the very start of my never-ending career as an ESL teacher in El Salvador, the terms such as methods and approaches were not that helpful while I was trying to teach the present perfect tense to a group of a 24 civil engineering students. However, the
marlon castro 05-Feb-2015
Teaching is my passion. That's what is keeping me alive every single day. The sensation of helping someone and not being rewarded immediately but later on in life as an echo of positiveness, makes me want to do it for the rest of my existence.
PREM GURU 05-Feb-2015
Interested in looking for articles related to writing and publishing
laode muhaimin 04-Jun-2014
i am looking for journal of CIRC teaching technique
ulfa soviana 07-Oct-2013
i need some journal as my references to finish my last project, help me...
I am a teacher of English from Morocco, ready to exchange ideas and teaching experiences.
Rees Clark 24-Dec-2012
Added new article by A. Baratta.
ahmad rizmi 02-Mar-2012
I'm trying to look for good journal
Vivuvasam Prakash 27-Dec-2011
I've just posted a brief article in my journal, and it has been accepted for ESL Journal as well.
Ashley Lee 22-Sep-2011
Just joined. Looking for good articles for elementary ESL teachers.
sohail afa 24-Jun-2011
I am a post- graduate of University of East London (UK) where I majored in English Language Teaching. Also, I hold masters and M. Phil. degrees in Mass Communication as well as an MA degree in English Language and Literature and PGD in TEFL. A very l
Rene Carter 15-Jun-2011
Hi All, I want to get certified and I found one site called TEFL express. Anybody know if it's real or if it's just a scam? Can you actually get jobs with these kinds of certifications?
Umi Kalsom Masrom 06-Mar-2011
i am looking for a journal to publish my paper
Laleh Namdar 25-Jan-2011
i want to submit my manuscript,what should i do?
Clark Internet 07-Sep-2010
Hi! Welcome to ESL Journal! A good start is to add a personal statement, post an update, and use your journal to add a brief biography.
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