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Start Your Own ESL Journal
It is easy to create an ESL Journal system for your own school. All you need is a web browser to get started.

You can publish your journal under your own domain or your school's domain, or you can share our domain as as you wish.

All technical support is provided by, and creative or instructional support is available at reasonable rates. Your school's web servers incur no additional load, and no new hardware, software or labor is required.

Adding Content

Students will add content through simple forms using any modern web browser. Instruction in use of the system takes only a few minutes.

First you or your student will sign into the system. To create an article, you simply type - copy and paste raw text - content into a form, add a title and synopsis, plus the author's name and click a button. You and your students may optionally add a photo or other (jpeg) image and a link to related content to each article.

Teacher Site

You'll have an "editing suite" that lets you add and maintain your student list and your article archive via your browser. No esoteric skills are required. You got here; you can do it.

You will also have the option to turn on a calendar, guest book, photo album(s), and other features characteristic of high-quality sites. This provides additional interactiveness.

The entire system is independent of your computer platform and works in most browsers.

Services and Fees

Development time for your classroom journal is typically under a week depending on current workload. Technical support is available by email and by instant messaging during regular business hours (US Pacific time). Creative support for more elaborate graphics, etc., is available for competitive fees, but a more common scenario is to have such enhancements added locally by your own talented staff. Instructions and a tutorial are built into the system.

How much? Not much, maybe free if you go find sponsors. (Fees)

Naturally certain terms and conditions of service apply to your use of the system, but you'll find they are not onerous. Our goal is to provide the service for a fair price and to support your teaching efforts. Fees can be easily offset by offering sponsorships to local businesses who may be acknowledged in the publication either by a sponsor list or by banner ads, as illustrated at the top of this page. In any case, the system is much less expensive than creating a similar capability locally, even if your local service provider or school technicians could do so. When your local webmaster says he/she can duplicate the system for the price, go to your ESL dictionary and look up "lie" and/or "fool" for a concise analysis of the claim.

Couldn't Our IT Department Just Whip Up a Similar System?

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