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The Journal
Recent articles appear in their entirety; older articles are abbreviated with a link to the full text. We invite teachers and professional linguists to register and to submit topics and articles in this web log. Comments may be posted by any member while logged in, either in conjunction with articles or in personal profile updates.

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Promote Your Blogging Effort
Promote Your Blogging Effort
Whenever you post a new topic in the web log, you can invite your friends to read it. It's easy.

  1. Write, activate and save the item.
  2. Right-click (click-hold) on Link below the item. Choose the COPY option.
  3. Create an email message to your friend(s); paste the link in the body of the message.
  4. Send your message.

If you are in a participating class, this is also a good way to tell your teacher you have finished your assignment.