ESL Journal
The Journal
Student Journaling on the Worldwide Web
ESL Journal uses the latest communication technology for learning by doing. Students who participate in the ESL Journal project will incorporate classroom grammar and writing lessons and computer lab skills to publish a completed work on the Internet. Teachers can monitor and observe progress at any stage, and fellow students can act as "critics" to help each other advance.

Along the way, students will make use of the Internet and basic computer skills, including using the mouse, scanning photos, finding information on the Web, sending and receiving email and learning software applications such as "Fastype" keyboard training software, a word processor (where available) and the CIP Sitemaker™ online publishing system, a web-based publishing tool that requires little or no technical skill.

Once the entry is published in a program's ESL Journal, student articles can be read by people throughout the world over the Internet.

Your school's ESL program can have its own ESL journal. See the How To information elsewhere on the site.

Using ESL Journal in Your Classroom

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